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Constanze Cranfield Real Estate

Meet Constanze

Constanze Cranfield Real Estate

Constanze Cranfield brings an abundance of knowledge, tenacity and genuine enthusiasm to redefine the real estate experience for her clients. Originally from South Africa, she pursued studies in Law and Economics before embarking on an international career. She gained invaluable expertise in marketing and advertising while working within high profile companies like Gucci and Microsoft in London, Seattle and Shanghai. Drawing from her background, Constanze recognizes the importance of branding, meticulous planning and execution. She seamlessly integrates these skills into her real estate work, ensuring top-notch service for her clients. What sets Constanze apart is her knack for creating authentic connections. Having lived across four continents, she's adept at bridging cultural gaps and is a valuable resource for clients relocating both nationally and internationally. Her fluency in English, German, and Afrikaans adds another layer of versatility. Beyond her professional pursuits, Constanze is a passionate outdoor enthusiast. When not working, she enjoys exploring new places, supporting local businesses, rowing crew on Lake Sammamish, and giving back by volunteering in her community.

Meet The Team

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Jaclyn Fish


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Joshua Britton

Creative Director & Graphic Design

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Kaitlynn Huston


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